My Opinion

I have had enough of certain media members and fans trying to say that Mike Woodson (coach of the N.Y.Knicks)is not to blame for the teams poor season.They were 37-45 this year and didn’t make the playoffs after being 54-28 and winning the Atlantic Division title last season.They lost to the Indiana Pacers in last years playoffs in six games when they had the home court advantage.Woodson had good regular season records with the Atlanta Hawks also but lost in the playoffs.I just don’t think you can win a championship with him as coach.He doesn’t make adjustments during games,the offense consists of getting the ball to Carmello Anthony and the other players watch.Defensively they switch so much that they are often left in a mismatch for the opponent.He was very hard on a good young player like Iman Shumpert while coddling a knucklehead like J.R.Smith.The Knicks need an identity and I believe Phil Jackson will instill that identity along with a system but first he must get a coach that can teach what he wants to achieve.Woodson is not it.That’s my opinion.

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