My Opinion

By now you have probably heard about Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racist comments to his girlfriend.Let me say that as the writer of this blog that I am a black male and I’m not surprised at this because Mr.Sterling has had a history of blatant racism in his business dealings.He was sued by then GM Elgin Baylor for being fired because he was black.He didn’t want Blacks or Hispanics living in his apartment houses because he said they smell,attract vermin and don’t leave the house.The question I have for Mr.Sterling is why does he have a girlfriend who is Black and Mexican? Why does he own an NBA team that is mostly Black in a league that’s mostly Black?.Granted his girlfriend is young and beautiful and she could pass for a white woman and he has made a ton of money off of Black basketball players.But with social media you cannot hide things like you could 20 years ago.This isn’t new it’s just more out in the open now.The  outrage has been relentless and I believe the commissioner of the NBA must suspend him indefinitely and ultimately the other owners must step up to the plate and strongly suggest that he sell the team.Race is still the most touchy subject in America and to have a sports owner who employs a team of Black players have such an assinine and backwards view of not only Blacks but minorities in general should not and cannot be tolerated.That’s my opinion.


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