My Opinion

Yesterday NBA commissioner Adam Silver came down as hard as he possibly could by banning Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life and fining him 2.5 million dollars for his racist comments to his girlfriend that were caught on tape.While Mr.Silver is receiving much and deserved praise,I have an issue with the previous commissioner David Stern.Mr Sterling was known to be a racist and his business dealings supported that fact.He ruined minority peoples lives by driving them out of his apartment houses and not wanting them to live there because as he put it they smell and attract vermin (he means roaches) and don’t leave the house.Commissioner Stern and the other owners knew about it and no action was ever taken.I’ve heard one reason is because Mr.Sterling was once a lawyer and a litigious one so to avoid any legal ramifications his behavior was overlooked.To that I say bull–it.In a league that’s probably 80% black the powers that be didn’t think it was worth getting in any kind of legal hassle.Shame on Mr.Stern and the other owners for allowing this man to be part of their fraternity.I also have a problem with the NAACP who had already awarded this man a Lifetime Achievement Award and was about to give him another before all this happened and now they say he will not receive the award and they’re giving back his donation.Wasn’t anybody aware of his dealings with minorities or was the money just too good? Questions that I think at some point need to be answered.That’s my opinion.


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