The latest version of the Subway Series between the Yankees and the Mets begins tonight at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx(2 games) and then moves to Citifield in Queens(2 games) and let me tell you,I am really tired of these sports writers who keep whining about doing away with the Subway Series in particular and Interleague play in general.Gentleman,it’s for the fans not you.Just because there’s no juice for your sorry little column you want to get rid of it altogether.When the series started in 1997 it was new so there was plenty of buzz but now after 18 years it just doesn’t have the pizzazz anymore.What you have neglected to look at is that the games still sellout and the fans really get involved.As a fan myself I have always liked the Subway Series and Interleague play.I remember saying teams from the National League may never get to play in Yankee Stadium unless they made the world series but Interleague play gives them that opportunity.What player wouldn’t tell his kids or someday grandkids that he was able to play a game at Yankee Stadium.I remember seeing Mariano Rivera strikeout Barry Bonds in an Interleague game at the Stadium.What Baseball fan wouldn’t want to have a moment like that to remember.It wouldn’t have happened without Interleague play.So stop the whining and enjoy it,the fans do.That’s my opinion.


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