My Opinion

Well friends we have another spoiled celebrity doing something stupid against the law and crying “but don’t you know who I am”. Who the hell do these people think they are? Alec Baldwin rides his bike the wrong way on 5th ave in Manhattan, gets stopped by the police,has no I.D. on him and tells the officer “don’t you know my taxes pay your salary” and “just give me the f–king summons”.He causes a crowd to gather because he’s acting like such an a–hole that he’s handcuffed and taken to the precinct.He starts chastising the supervisor and asks how old are the officers and says “they don’t even know who I am”. Well boohoo boohoo Mr Baldwin,Imagine that somebody actually doesn’t know you from next guy,How dare they not know.Lindsay Lohan pulled that same old tired bullcrap when she got nailed for allegedly smashing her car into a tree.These celebrities think just because they’re famous the same rules don’t apply to them,that they can do anything they want and get away with it.I’m sorry to say alot of times that is true and I have had my encounters with the NYPD and got a summons I didn’t deserve.I had to pay for something I didn’t do and this guy wants to get away with something he did do.He then takes to Twitter when he gets home and trashes the city.He once said he wanted to move back to California because he couldn’t stand living in New York any longer.I say why is he still here and when is he leaving?Good Riddance Mr Baldwin,you can’t leave soon enough to suit me.That’s my opinion.


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