My Opinion

Jim Irsay who owns the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League was arrested on a charge of DUI and having prescription drugs in his possession that were not his.As of today there has been no kind of disciplinary action on the part of Commissioner Roger Goodell.He has said they need more information but Robert Mathis who is a player on the Colts was given a 4 game suspension for taking a fertility drug so he and his wife who was having fertility problems could conceive and have a baby.There seems to be a double standard here and I know people will say Mr. Goodell works for the owners and that is true.I heard an Espn personality say that as an employee he would not be as critical or take to task his boss as he would his coworkers.To that I say of course not because you have no power,you’re just an employee,but Mr.Goodell does have power.He is the highest ranking official in the NFL and he has the power to suspend or fine or do both.He has been very quick to fine and suspend players like Robert Mathis for any minor transgression but in this instance says he needs more information,meanwhile Mr Irsay at the recent NFL owners meeting was making a pitch to have the Super Bowl return to Indianapolis. Why is he there and allowed to do that? Former Baseball commissioner Fay Vincent suspended Yankee owner George Steinbrenner and NBA commissioner Adam Silver has fined and banned L.A.Clippers owner Donald Sterling for his racist comments.If commissioner Goodell doesn’t suspend Mr.Irsay before the season starts then something is very wrong and the question of is there a double standard will be legitimate.That’s my opinion.


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