My Opinion

It’s Memorial Day friends and I would like to thank all the men and women who have served in our Armed Forces,including my brother Ellis who has passed away,for keeping this country free and safe,this is your day.It is also around this time when most baseball teams have reached the 50 game mark of the season.I have always maintained that you should wait until your team has played 50 games,then take a look at their record and determine whether they have a chance to win their division or make it as a wild card team.Since there are 162 games in a season you know after 50 games there are 112 games left to play.I’m a Yankees fan and right now they have a record of 26-23.I know that’s 49 games but stay with me here.If they win today’s game in St.Louis they’ll have 27 wins with 112 left to play.They would need to go 63-49 to get to 90 wins.That may not be enough to win the division but could be enough for the wild card.The San Francisco Giants,on the other hand, are 32-18 so if they go just 58-54 they will win 90 games.The defending champion Boston Red Sox are currently 20-29 so they would need to go 70-43 to get to 90.So look at where your team is at right now and figure out how many games they would need to win,ask yourself if,realistically, they can win that many games.If the answer is no,then your baseball season is already over and you can start looking forward to the football season.That’s my opinion. 


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