My Opinion

For those of you who are watching the  Stanley Cup playoffs between the NY Rangers and the Montreal Canadiens,whether you’re a hard core fan or a casual observer,you are listening to,unquestionably,the best hockey announcer in America today in Mike(Doc)Emerick.I listened to him for years doing the New Jersey Devils games but before he came to New Jersey he did the Philadelphia Flyers games.He has a style that is unique in that,although he is on tv,he broadcasts games as if he was on the radio.He flows right along with the action and even though you’re watching on tv his radio style call doesn’t interfere and if you left to do something else for a few minutes you could turn up the sound and feel as if you were listening to the radio.Emerick also is informative and has a quick wit charm.He keeps his broadcast partner Eddie Olchyk in the game giving him time and space for his analysis.And when a great moment happens,like Martin St Louis game winning overtime goal in game 4,instead of Emerick doing the speaking,he lets the moment do the speaking.The great ones have that knack.Pat Summerall in football,old timers like Red Barber and Mel Allen in baseball.Vin Scully is another old timer still going strong today doing the Dodgers broadcast.There have been some great hockey broadcasters through the years.Gene Hart,Jiggs McDonald,Marv Albert but Mike (Doc)Emerick does not take a  backseat to anyone.He is the best.That’s my opinion.


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