My Opinion

This is about New York City and the players who come here from other cities,get paid alot of money,then for some reason can’t play nearly as well as they did before.I have always said that it takes a special player to win in NY and a big reason is the pressure.They feel the pressure of living up to that money they’re making and many of them can’t handle it.Dave Winfield signed a huge contract with the Yankees in 1981.He proceeded to go 1 for 22 in the World Series that year and the Yankees lost to the Dodgers.Ed Whitson,who pitched for the Yankees in the 80’s got into a fight with manager Billy Martin for not showing any mental toughness when the crowd booed him.He subsequently was run out of town.I remember seeing Craig Morton,who was the Giants quarterback at the time,rail at the crowd because he was being booed.That brings me to the Mets who recently fired their hitting coach who’s name I can’t remember right now,sorry,and who’s players are upset about getting booed and the general negativity surrounding them.They signed Curtis Granderson, ex Yankee,to a big contract and so far he has not played nearly as well as he should be.But he is complaining about the booing also.Now on the other hand you have a Reggie Jackson who said “I’m the straw that stirs the drink ” and backed it up with 3 homers in the World Series.Mark Messier came to the Rangers for one reason,to win the Stanley Cup and he did it.These are special players and they came through.It takes guys like that to win in New York.That’s my opinion.


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