My Opinion

Wednesday the Stanley Cup Finals begins between the NY Rangers and the Los Angeles Kings from L.A.California.Before I get into my opinion on the series I want to apologize and correct some misspellings in my last blog.Mike (Doc)Emrick, I had his last name spelled Emerick, and Eddie Olczyk I had spelled Olchyk so I apologize for that.Now about the series,being a Rangers fan since the late 60’s when Rod Gilbert, Jean Ratelle and Vic Hadfield played,You know who I’m rooting for.The way I see it, for the Rangers to win, three things must happen. 1. Henrik Lundqvist must be at his best.He cannot have any lapses like he did against the Pittsburgh Penguins and Montreal Canadiens as the Rangers lost both of those games.2. Avoid foolish penalties and conversely they must score on their power play.3. Important players must contribute. Rick Nash,Brad Richards,Martin St.Louis and Chris Kreider must score goals along with players like Carl Hagelin, Ryan Mcdonagh, and Derrick Brassard. The Kings are coming off a tough seven game series against the Chicago Blackhawks winning the last game in overtime in Chicago.So if the Rangers can win game 1 they can take advantage of the Kings still recovering from the previous series.The NHL office is jumping for joy because they have the two biggest media markets in the country going at it.Let’s get the party started.That’s my opinion.


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