My Opinion

Elliot Rodger is the very disturbed young man who stabbed three men in his apartment, killing two roomates, then drove to UC Santa Barbara and shot three women outside a sorority also killing two more.Then to top it off he drove to a nearby deli where he shot and killed another male student and injured two people on bicycles while he was shooting randomly at anyone or anything.He then did what has become the popular thing with mass murderers now,instead of getting caught and facing the consequences for his hideous actions,he took his own life shooting himself in the head.He wanted revenge for being a virgin and not bedding any of the ladies at school.He killed the guys because they were able to do what he couldn’t.While people try to figure what drove him to do this,I’m focusing on the victims families,the ones who witnessed these killings and those who were fortunate enough to get away.While this coward decided to end his life,the emotional scars he left behind will last with these people a long,long time.That’s my opinion.


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