My Opinion

Pop Superstar Justin Bieber has been seen on video not once,but twice,using the N-word. In one video he makes a joke about black people saying “why are black people afraid of chainsaws?”he then imitates a saw running saying “run nigganigganigga”.Even though you can hear someone telling him don’t say it,the little punk says it anyway.The other video has him singing his song “One less lonely Girl,” saying “One less lonely Ni—r.If I kill you I’ll be the KKK”.I would like to ask the following question?Why has Donald Sterling been called an old racist and vilified by the whole country and this idiot has people,even black rappers like lil wayne defending him.What Sterling said was not as bad as what this kid said.I don’t want to hear about he was 15 years old and immature.I was called the N word plenty in high school and got in fights because of it.Those kids were the same age as Bieber and they knew what the word meant and how to use it against me.They also made references to the KKK.It was a form of bullying that I had never experienced.Before he became such a big star,what interaction,if any,has Justin Bieber had with black people?Usher,who is black,gave him his start.Ludacris,who is very popular in his own right,raps on Biebers first hit song “Baby”and appears in the video as well.So to me his interaction with black people was to get his career off the ground.You can be a Justin Bieber defender if you want to be,but for me the videos speak for themselves.That’s my opinion.


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