My Opinion

The New York Knicks have made Derek Fisher their new head coach replacing Mike Woodson.The deal is for 5 years (25 million)which is the same number of years for Team President Phil Jackson (60 million).Now there has been alot of back and forth about a guy with no head coaching experience taking over what many so called experts and media types think is a near impossible job.Let me be the voice of reason here.First of all, Phil Jackson is putting in a new system known as the triangle.He wants a coach that knows that system.Secondly, Derek Fisher has been a championship player winning 5 rings.He knows what it will take and everything I heard at his press conference makes me believe that he will communicate that to his players.Thirdly,and this I think is something hardly anyone in the media believes,is the Knicks roster is not that bad.Mike Woodson was a decent coach but he is not a championship coach.The one ring he has was with the Detroit Pistons as Larry Brown’s assistant.He is good enough to make the playoffs,witness the Atlanta Hawks and the Knicks last season.But he doesn’t make adjustments during the game and he tries to make his system work even if he doesn’t have the right players to do so.The one thing a coach must be able to do is adapt to the talent he has and get the most out of it.Offensively,There was too much of Carmello Anthony holding the ball while the other players stood and watched and that will change with the triangle.Defensively, they were constantly switching which often gave the opposing team a mismatch the Knicks couldn’t handle.Phil Jackson will eventually get the players he needs to run his system but in the meantime he and Derek Fisher will see the talent that’s currently there and get the most out of it.That’s my opinion.



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