My Opinion

Well we have come to the halfway mark in the baseball season despite those dopey sportswriters and broadcasters who say the All Star break is the halfway mark.About all the teams have played 81 games or more so now is the time to take another look at where your team is.Today’s July 1st and right now there are only 3 teams in each league that are 10 or more games over the .500 mark.The Oakland A’s,Detroit Tigers and L.A Angels in the American League and the Milwaukee Brewers,L.A Dodgers and SanFrancisco Giants in the National League.My team the N.Y Yankees are 1 game over at 41-40 but are in the race for the division lead and the wild card.Baseball is full of mediocrity at the moment and except for a few teams the season has been boring.But still,with no team looking capable of running away it should make for an interesting second half.So see where your team is and figure,with about half a season to go,do they have a chance.If you think they do then buckle up because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.That’s my opinion.


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