My Opinion

Well friends this is a good one.A Yankees fan named Andrew Rector attended the Yankees Red Sox game in April at Yankee Stadium.It was a Sunday night,nationally televised game on Espn.The cameras caught Mr.Rector sleeping while the announcers,Dan Schulman and John Kruk, were reading a promo for made a few funny but harmless comments about the sleeping Mr.Rector but it got played all over YouTube and was made the laughing stock of the internet.Now Mr.Rector is suing Espn,the Yankees and Major League Baseball for 10 million dollars.Yes that’s right folks,10 million dollars.First of all dude,how can you sleep during a Yankees Red Sox game?And where he was sitting those seats are expensive.I would not pay that much for tickets and then fall asleep.It’s obvious this lawsuit won’t have have any legs.Mr.Rector will be seeking some sort of settlement.On the back of the ticket it says you may be seen on T.V and your actions may be seen,whatever they may be.So a warning,if you’re too tired to stay awake at the game,stay home where you can fall asleep peacefully.That’s my opinion.


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