My Opinion

So LeBron James has gone back home to Cleveland and Carmelo Anthony has decided to stay with the NY Knicks.Finally the speculation about these two NBA superstars,will he stay or will he go, can stop.Good for LeBron that he showed you can go home again.He realized that he made a mistake with that assinine show on Espn “The Decision.”He read a thoughtful letter this time explaining why he wanted to come back.Dan Gilbert,the Cavaliers owner,realized he made a mistake with that stupid letter to the fans when LeBron left.He met secretly with LeBron and gave him a heartfelt apology.It’s great to see a billionaire not to egotistical to say he’s sorry and that paved the way for James to return.Carmelo Anthony,after being wooed like the prettiest girl at the dance,admitted his heart is really in New York and he believes that Phil Jackson will build a championship team.He also signed because no other team could
offer him as much as the Knicks.So both players now are happy where they are.It’s a shame that the NBA has so few really good players that two guys could command so much attention.With free agency being what it is now teams and cities will be in a constant state of worry that the best player on their team may go somewhere else and they will be left out in the cold.That’s my opinion.


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