My Opinion

Tony Dungy, who won a Super Bowl as head coach of the Indianapolis Colts,and currently an analyst on NBC Football Night In America,has created a firestorm over his comments about Michael Sam,the first openly gay football player drafted by the St.Louis Rams of the NFL.Dungy said he would not have drafted Sam because it would cause a distraction by the constant media questions about the first openly gay player in the NFL.First of all let me say that,as a Christian,I don’t agree with same sex marriage or relationships.But I do think a person has the right to live their life the way they want  and be allowed,based on ability,to make a team.What bothers me is every time someone expresses an opinion on this topic the media circles like sharks in the water.Dungy said the constant media questions would distract from the team concentrating and preparing for the coming season and  he,as a coach,would not want that around his team .The media firestorm his comments created shows he’s right.Michael Sam should be judged solely on his playing ability but because he’s gay it puts him as the center of attention.If he’s good enough he will make the team and if he’s not he won’t.The media needs to stop making a big deal out of every  comment on this.That’s my opinion.


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