My Opinion

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has slowly become the worst commissioner of the major sports with his latest decision to suspend Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for only two games for hitting his girlfriend.I’m not talking about how much money the league has made or how popular the sport has become since he took over from former commissioner Paul Tagliabue, but from a disciplinary standpoint,he has handed out much worse suspension like Robert Mathis being suspended four games for taking a fertility drug so he and his wife could have a baby.He has made the NFL look bad with this decision and has not bothered to clarify why.Adolpho Birch,Senior VP of labor for the NFL went on the Mike and Mike radio show on Espn and gave an explanation that was,frankly,a bunch of baloney trying to justify the two games suspension.Goodell had a chance, to send a strong message and he failed badly.That’s my opinion.


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