My Opinion

With most teams having played about 112 games in this baseball season, it’s time to take our final look at where your particular team is in the standings.We took our first look at the 50 game mark and our second look at the halfway mark of 81 games.Now with about 50 games left,if your team is more than 5 or 6 games out of first place or the wild card,the chances of them making the playoffs isn’t very good.Right now the Oakland A’s and the L.A.Angels of Anaheim look like sure things in the American League,but the National League is wide open with as many as 10 teams with a chance.With the extra wild card team in each league added now it has created alot of interest for cities whose teams might otherwise be left out.I have always been in favor of having another team in the playoffs because it’s exciting to watch these teams battle to make it,although if your team is one of them the anxiety of hanging on every pitch and at bat can be very nerve wracking.So if your team is still in the playoff hunt,enjoy these games because you could be just waiting another month for the football season to start.And that’s a bummer.That’s my opinion.


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