My Opinion

The Entertainment industry lost one of its icons when Robin Williams committed suicide this week by hanging himself in his bedroom.Williams was suffering from depression and was in rehab for alchohol and cocaine abuse.Williams burst on the scene playing the lovable alien Mork on “Mork and Mindy” and then played in such well known movies as “Mrs Doubtfire ” and “Good morning Viet Nam”.Depression is a sickness and while we all go through days when we feel a little overwhelmed by life’s circumstances,taking your own life isn’t the answer.I’m going to tell you what is the answer.GOD IS THE ANSWER.I don’t know what Mr.Williams beliefs were but I can tell you that GOD loves you and he is the one to turn to for help when you have a problem like depression or drug addiction or whatever.The Bible says that Jesus redeemed us from the curse of the law.Depression is part of that curse.So for anyone who reads this blog,if you are suffering from depression or any other problem,look to GOD first and you won’t end up like Mr.Williams.May he rest in peace.That’s my opinion.


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