My Opinion

I’m not a big fan of the Little League World Series but I have to say that watching Mo’ne Davis,the 13 year old girl pitcher for Pennsylvania,has made me watch more than I normally would.She has taken the sports world by storm and captured the minds and hearts of the whole country.She’s on the cover of the latest Sports Illustrated and has appeared on many radio and TV shows to give interviews.She is very mature and personable for someone so young who has all of a sudden become a national phenomenon.And if you haven’t seen her pitch,you are missing something extraordinary.She is dominating the opposing team with a good fastball,drop off the table curve and she has great control.She is pitching tonight to put her team in the championship game.She says she wants to play basketball in college for the University of Connecticut.Those of us who are over 40 remember the old saying “you throw like a girl”which was the worst thing a boy could hear if he wanted to be a ballplayer.Mo’ne Davis has brought new meaning to that phrase.Watch her pitch,she is better than many boys who have pitched in the LLWS.That’s my opinion.


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