My Opinion

The NFL’S judge,jury and minister of dicipline,better known as commissioner Roger Goodell, has suspended wide receiver Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns for the upcoming season for marijuana use and DUI.He has also announced that there will be a tougher penalty for everyone in the NFL,including owners,for domestic violence starting with a 6 game suspension for the first offense and a lifetime ban for the second.The NFL is having more and more problems with it’s players relating to drugs and violence that something drastic had to be done.Goodell screwed up the Ray Rice domestic violence by just suspending him 2 games.He admitted his mistake in a letter to all NFL personel.He finally got it right after much public outcry and criticism.As for Josh Gordon,everyone is saying he needs help but the only one who can really help Josh Gordon is Josh Gordon.I was a marijuana user when I was young and first let me tell you marijuana is NOT an addictive drug like cocaine or heroine.You can stop if you want to.Josh Gordon doesn’t want to stop because he has been a repeat offender.He appealed the suspension and was rejected.It’s been said by many former players that it’s a privelige to play in the NFL and make millions playing a kids game.Josh Gordon has had that privilege taken away and hopefully he’ll wake up and realize what he’s giving away.These penalties are needed to keep the game from becoming more about off field issues than play on the field.That’s my opinion.


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