My Opinion

Well friends,the football season kicks off tomorrow with the Green Bay Packers going to Seattle to play the defending Super Bowl Champion Seahawks.By now you’ve probably heard every so called expert in captivity give their prediction on what your particular team will do.If you have been following my blog you know I said in baseball you wait until the first 50 games to get a feel for what your team will do.Not so in football.Every game is extremely important because the season is only 16 games.I’m a Giants fan and I’ve heard nothing but negativity about their new offensive system and how they won’t be any good.What have you heard about your team ? Is your team supposed to be a Super Bowl contender,a playoff team or are they just playing the season to see how high a draft choice they’re going to get?Will announcers like Phil Simms and Tony Dungy follow through with their stance that they will not say Washington Redskins?What team will be a surprise to everyone?Which team will suffer a season ending injury to one of their best best players and change how their season winds up? That’s the great thing football creates that the other sports can’t.Every game,every play means so much.You are constantly in anxiety about whether your team will win or lose.And since most of the games are on Sunday,your working Monday or school Monday will be affected positively or negatively.I went through many years of  Monday’s after effects depending on how the Giants did on Sunday.So everyone get ready because you are in for quite a ride.That’s my opinion.


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