My Opinion

Ray Rice,the Baltimore Ravens running back, has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL and had his contract terminated by the Ravens because of new video obtained by Tmz showing him punching his now wife Janay Palmer in an elevator in an Atlantic City casino.The question I have is Why couldn’t the league get hold of a tape that a celebrity gossip site,which Tmz is,was able to get? The NFL is a powerful sports business and they keep saying the tape was not made available by the police. Does anyone really believe that? I don’t.They didn’t bother to ask the casino,which Tmz did,and they didn’t bother to get it from Rice’s attorney who also had it.The Ravens are guilty of standing up for their player and teammate one minute and terminating his contract the next.I also believe that they could have gotten the tape if they truly wanted to find out what happened in that elevator.If not for this video Ray Rice would only be serving a two game suspension by the league and would have been welcomed back by the team.This smells of a coverup by both the NFL and the Ravens.Due diligence was not done by either and the public outcry was worse this time than it was previously when all anyone saw was Rice dragging Palmer out of the elevator.Everyone knew something happened but they didn’t know exactly what.Now we do.Janay Palmer was punched in the face.The NFL and the Baltimore Ravens are not making themselves available to answer for this.Seems like they’re hiding.They won’t get away.They shouldn’t be allowed to either.That’s my opinion.



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