My Opinion

What is going on with the National Football League.Now we have Adrian Peterson,star running back for the Minnesota Vikings,being indicted for allegedly taking a switch and beating his 4 year old son.We have Greg Hardy of the Carolina Panthers convicted of choking his girlfriend and threatening to kill her.We have Ray McDonald of the San Francisco 49ers accused of domestic abuse,and everyone knows about Ray Rice.As far as Peterson is concerned,I absolutely think a parent should dicipline a child and the idea of giving a time out or not letting them watch tv is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.That being said,I absolutely think many parents don’t understand the difference between dicipline and abuse.What Peterson did was definitely abuse.You don’t hit a child with a switch.He’s 4 years old and a couple of smacks on his behind  with your hand would be enough for him to get the message.My parents used their hands and sometimes a belt on me and my brother and we got the message.It wasn’t abuse but it was effective.Too many parents today go way over the line when it comes to dicipline as did Adrian Peterson.There is nothing wrong with dicipline,it’s wrong when it’s used in a harmful manner.Adrian Peterson used it in a harmful manner.That’s my opinion.


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