My Opinion

There  has been alot of criticism of Derek Jeter lately and I don’t think it’s fair at all.People are finding fault with everything from the gifts he has received to the commercials he has done to him not having the Jeter type season they thought he would have.First of all,the gifts from other teams are in tribute to what he has meant to the game for twenty years.The way he’s carried himself and has respected  the game and the other players.There’s no greater compliment  than to have your peers talk about you with admiration and respect.Second,the commercials,especially the Nike one where everyone from Billy Chrystal  to Michael Jordan tip their caps in tribute is one of the best ever.As for the season he’s having,what the hell do you expect from a forty year old player  at what’s considered the most important position in the field.His stats are much better than many players who played as long.He has played almost a full season of postseason games and has hit over .300  with 20 homers and 200 hits.He has an on base pct.of 377 which is the best among the 1,500  players  that have played shortstop.There was much talk about dropping him from batting second  to sixth or seventh.The only problem with that thinking is the other guys in the Yankees lineup aren’t hitting either so who could they put in there? The criticism is unwarranted and silly.Derek Jeter deserves all the attention he is getting.All of Baseball and Yankee fans in particular will miss him when he’s gone.That’s my opinion.


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