My Opinion

Yesterday Derek Jeter played the final game of his marvelous career.Last week I wrote about how I thought all the criticism he was receiving because of  the gifts and adulation from other teams was unwarranted.Today I want to put these sabermetric zealots in their place.Before all this WAR (wins above replacement) and OPS (on base + slugging pct) crap took over baseball,there were 3 simple stats to determine how good a player was.Avg,homers, and Rbi’s.Derek Jeter finished with a .310 career avg.260 homers and over 1200 Rbi’s.He has played in the most postseason games ever and has the most hits,runs scored,Rbi’s and at bats.He finished with 3,465 hits which is 6th most all time.Out of 20 major league seasons he has missed the playoffs 3 times including this season.The moments he has provided in the playoffs like “the flip,” the first-ever homer in the World Series in November,the fall into the stands to catch a foul pop against the Oakland A’s,cannot be measured by sabermetrics.He will go down as one of the greatest winners in the history of Baseball with 5 world series chamionships.It is the end of an era that we will probably never see again.Farewell Captain,you were truly one of the greatest,sabermetrics be damned.That’s my opinion.


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