My Opinion

The National Football League season is in full swing and we already have some teams in crisis mode.Every team has played at least 4 games now and if you’re a fan of the Oakland Raiders or Jacksonville Jaguars you’re probably wondering if they will win a game anytime soon.Here in New York,my team,the Giants have turned things around after starting out 0-2.The Jets,on the other hand,won their first game against the Raiders and have lost four straight including getting shutout by the San Diego Chargers 31-0 last Sunday.If you’re a fan of another team besides these I mentioned let me ask you,How’s your team doing? Every fan knows each game means so much because there are only 16 of them.In baseball you usually wait until 50 games have been played before you gauge where your team is but not so in football.There has been much talk by the owners and commissioner about having an 18 game regular season and reducing the preseason to 2 games.I think it’s going to happen eventually.I like it the way it is now.There’s also talk of adding two more teams to the playoffs which I think will happen next season.All this is about is money.The 18 games will add TV revenue and two extra playoff teams will allow the networks now doing the games,CBS,FOX,ESPN,NBC to bid on the games.The NFL is a golden goose that will keep laying even with all the problems they have.We fans can’t get enough.That’s my opinion.


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