My Opinion

The story of what happened with the Sayreville football team,the accusations of horrible sexual assault and hazing,is not only a microcosm of sports today but of our society as well.From the bullying scandal of the Miami Dolphins to the Penn State locker room homophobic case where an assistant coach was sexually assaulting a student,society has either looked the other way or turned a deaf ear to what’s happening.The Penn State scandal started to cast greater light on these goings on in locker rooms because the victims are afraid to come forth.Who knows how many other schools have had similar situations but the victims are afraid of reprisal.These things have gotten worse and worse over time with individuals or groups taking advantage because they feel they can get away with it.Whether it be initiation into a fraternity or hazing a rookie,sexually assaulting someone is degrading and disgusting.Victims should no longer keep quiet,bring these low lifes to justice.That’s my opinion.


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