My Opinion

I have an issue with the Giants offensive coordinator Ben Mcadoo and defensive coordinator Perry Fewell.The Giants lost to the Dallas Cowboys Sunday 31-21 and while it was a good game to watch for the average person,as a fan I was unhappy with the playcalling by McAdoo and the defensive strategy of Fewell.McAdoo has installed a west coast offense which is predicated on short passes.That’s good but he doesn’t  call any deep passes and it’s difficult to move the ball consistently.Opposing defenses are gearing up to stop these short passes and the only way to keep them off balance is by throwing the ball down the field.The Giants have a speedy receiver in Odell Beckham Jr.their first round pick.He can scare the opposing defense and allow the offense to score more quickly.McAdoo must make better use of his speed.I have never been a big fan of Fewell even though they won a Super Bowl with him.His blitz schemes are terrible and every game I have seen this season the Giants have had a miscommunication in their secondary that has resulted in either a touchdown or big play.Now I’m in no way absolving the players of their share of blame.They must play better and stop making mental mistakes but the job of a coach is to get the most out of the talent he has and put the players in position to succeed.For those who think it’s all about the players and coaches or managers don’t impact a game,just ask the Washington Nationals and Los Angeles Dodgers who lost in the baseball playoffs because of bad decisions by their respective managers.The Giants have enough talent to be a playoff team but McAdoo and Fewell must do a better job with in game decisions.That’s my opinion.


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