My Opinion

For anyone who doesn’t know the story of Lauren Hill,what you will read here is a touching and truly heartbreaking account.Lauren Hill has Inoperable brain cancer.Her doctors figure she will not see the year 2015.Her last wish was to be able to play her first college basketball game,so yesterday in Cincinnati Ohio Helen’s school,Mt.Saint Joseph played Hiram College.The NCAA allowed the game to be pushed up 3 weeks so Helen could participate while she’s still able.She was introduced to a standing ovation and then she scored the first basket of the game on a layup.At half-time she received the Pat Sumitt inspirational award from Pat Sumitt herself.Lauren was so overcome with emotion she began crying.Many in the sold out arena could not keep from shedding tears also.Finally Lauren scored the last basket for Mt.Saint Joseph as they beat Hiram easily.Never has a Division three basketball game received such national attention.My sister had Breast cancer and went through chemotherapy and thank God she’s been able to beat it.Unfortunately Lauren Hill may not be able to do that but she has had her wish fulfilled and her story should serve as inspiration to us who think life is a bitch or take it for granted.Remember how this wonderful young lady never complained or said why me.That’s my opinion.


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