My Opinion

The NFL season has just moved past the midway point  with all the teams having played at least nine games so it’s time to ask,”how is your team doing?”Injuries will play a big role in how teams finish.The Arizona Cardinals have lost their quarterback Carlson Palmer for the remainder of the season while they currently have the best record in the NFL.The Philadelphia Eagles lost their quarterback Nick Foles for the season while they are in first place in the NFC EAST.Backup quarterbacks Drew Stanton in Arizona and Mark Sanchez in Philadelphia will lead their respective teams the rest of the season including the playoffs and Super Bowl should either one get that far.In the case of Stanton the comparison has been made to Jeff Hostetler of the Giants,who in 1990,took over for Phil Simms and led them to a Super Bowl championship over the Buffalo Bills.I saw every game Hostetler played in Simms place and he made some terrific plays in clutch situations.There was the throw he made to tight end Mark Bavaro in the NFC Championship game against the 49ers that set up the game winning field goal.And in the Super Bowl he was being grabbed by the wrist in the end zone by Bruce Smith of the Bills and somehow managed to hold onto the ball for what was a safety but easily could have been a touchdown if he had dropped it.I think that it’s one of the greatest plays in Super Bowl history because the Giants won by 1 point 20-19.That play was the difference between winning and losing.Drew Stanton will be called upon to make a clutch play somewhere along the line and whether he makes it or not will determine how far his team goes.That’s my opinion.


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