My Opinion

The current state of New York sports is very bad.The Giants are 3-7 and the Jets are 2-8.The Knicks are 3-8 and the Nets are 4-6.The Yankees finished 84-78 and missed the playoffs for the second straight year.The Mets finished 79-83.I’m leaving out the Rangers because they made the Stanley Cup Finals last season.The Islanders are playing well but have been down for many years.The Devils haven’t won in a long time.Why are things so bad? It’s because the people responsible for putting the product out there have done a poor job.Owners and General Managers of these teams either are not willing to spend money to bring in better players or have been terrible at picking players in the draft.The fans are the ones that suffer because they pay ridiculous prices to see their team win,not just to play.And when that  doesn’t happen year after year frustration starts to set in.I’ve always said it takes a special athlete to win in New York.Sure there’s pressure in other cities but New York is different.Some guys come here for the money because they were very good somewhere else,but when they don’t perform up to that money they received they can’t handle it and get run out of here.The people running the New York teams have been lacking in this exercise.When they do spend a large amount to get a player he suddenly can’t do as well as he did where he came from.They’re drafting of players have been awful also.What are they thinking? Until these areas improve greatly the teams of this city will continue to struggle and the fans will grow more and more frustrated and just may stop paying the outrageous prices these teams charge for an inferior product.That’s my opinion.


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