My Opinion

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.Today is a day to take a few minutes to ponder what you’re thankful for.As for me,I’m thankful for the time I was able to spend with my family.One year ago today my brother Ellis passed away.I was devastated because I didn’t see it coming.We had gone food shopping and I was cooking the turkey that evening.We had been talking all day and there was no indication anything was wrong.Late that night I went to his room and he was just lying there and not moving.I tried to wake him up but it was no use,he was gone.My mother and father passed away many years ago so it was just me and my brother and suddenly it was just me.I spent Thanksgiving alone with no thought of eating any of the food I had prepared.I thought back to my childhood when my mother would make thanksgiving dinner and we would gather around the table to say grace.Today I will be thinking about when my whole family would gather at my uncle’s house in Mt.Vernon and we kids would get a football game going while the older folks were in the house gabbing.Then we would sit down to the greatest meal you could eat.Most of my family have passed away since then but today they will once again come alive as I think back to those wonderful days.I hope all of you who read this blog are spending Thanksgiving with the people you love.Enjoy your time with them so someday you can have memories like I have.Happy Thanksgiving.


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