My Opinion

The NFL season is entering the final quarter with only four games left.The Eagles,Packers and Cardinals all lead their respective divisions with 9-3 records while the Falcons and Saints are tied for first at 5-7.The Patriots and Broncos lead theirs at 9-3 with the Bengals on top at 8-3-1 and the Colts lead at 8-4.These teams are going to have a battle on their hands because so many other teams are in playoff contention in both the NFC and AFC.That’s why football is the number one sport in this country.The season is the shortest of all the major sports and it’s because of that every game is like life and death.If you are a fan of these teams I’ve mentioned or another team that’s in contention you’re in for some sweating,nail biting,high anxiety moments but I know you would not trade those moments for anything.Being a Giants fan I’m done for this season so I’m looking towards next year and the draft.As a football fan though I’m really looking forward to seeing which teams will make it and which teams won’t.Then when the playoffs start who will advance and who will go home.And finally which team will be the last one standing holding the Vince Lombardi trophy as Super Bowl Champs.Sweating,nail biting,high anxiety on every play.That’s why in spite of all the off the field problems it’s the number one sport in America,and it’s by a wide margin.That’s my opinion.


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