My Opinion

This is about a harsh reality that’s preying on the streets of  our cities.You have heard about the shooting of  unarmed black Michael Brown by white Police Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson Mo.You have also seen and heard about the rioting and  looting in the streets by the Black Community there and some of the black players from the St.Louis Rams holding up their hands in protest.Here on Staten Island you had the choking death of  Eric Garner who is also black by the white NYPD policemen.No matter what people say or think,the reality is the police target blacks.The video of those policemen choking Eric Garner to the ground and him saying over and over “I can’t breathe” is sickening.They didn’t even think of easing up on him,they just kept applying pressure until he was nearly dead.The same would not have happened to a white man.The fact is the police look at all blacks that wear jeans,sneakers and a hoodie as a potential criminal.White kids who wear the same gear are not targeted.It has been that way  forever and will continue to be.Eric Garner and Michael Brown were unarmed and hadn’t done anything that should have cost them there lives.But that’s the way it is and will always be.Black is not beautiful in the eyes of the police.That’s my opinion.


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