My Opinion

Odell Beckham Jr.the rookie wide receiver of the NY Giants has taken the NFL and the city by storm.Whether you’re a hardcore fan or casual observer or have never seen a football game you no doubt have seen the catch he made against the Dallas Cowboys on a Sunday night a few weeks ago.That catch is being called by many the greatest of all time and thrust the young man into national prominence.He currently leads the team in receptions,yards and touchdowns.It has been a lousy year for the Giants but the excitement Beckham has generated  has made the last few games of the season a must watch.He has thrust himself into the lead for NFL offensive rookie of the year.The Giants haven’t had a player this dynamic since Lawrence Taylor burst on the scene in 1981 and won the defensive rookie of the year.Giants fans are excited thinking what it will be like next season when star wideout Victor Cruz comes back from his knee injury.I would also like to see them draft another receiver to make it a very dangerous trio.We have been blessed to have  had players such as Taylor,Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera in our backyard.The great thing is they were all drafted and played their entire career with the same team.Naturally any player has to stay healthy but providing he does,Odell Beckham Jr will be another one we mention in the same sentence as those great players.That’s my opinion.


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