My Opinion

Tomorrow is New Year’s Day and I want to wish everyone a Happy and healthy New Year and thank WordPress for publishing My Opinion and all those viewers who took time to read it.I want to wish my family a Happy New Year,especially my niece Donche who’s a beautiful and wonderful young lady but she has one flaw,she’s a Dallas Cowboys fan.I know she will be rooting for them this Sunday as they begin their playoff run.2014 was a year of Derek Jeter playing his last game for the Yankees,Lebron James playing his last game for the Miami Heat before going back home to Cleveland and Martin Brodeur  playing his last game for the New Jersey Devils before coming back to play for the St.Louis Blues.2014 was also a year of sorrow and tragedy with the killing of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.There was more tragedy when two NYPD police officers were killed in retaliation for Garner’s killing.Let’s hope 2015 is a year where peace and a better understanding exists between the police and the Black community or else 2015 is going to be an extension of 2014 and that would be a real tragedy.That’s my opinion.Happy New Year.


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