My Opinion

The 2015 MLB Hall of Fame class has been announced.Pitchers Randy Johnson,Pedro Martinez and John Smoltz along with inf.of.Craig Biggio will be inducted into Cooperstown  this summer and each one of them is deserving of the honor.While I think it’s ridiculous that Mike Piazza didn’t make it,again,because of suspicion he used PED’S (performance enhancing drugs),my real gripe with the writers who vote for this award is the idiotic votes they cast for reasons like wanting to “make a statement” or just to be different.I have a statement to make to them “you should have your vote taken away permanently”.Dan Lebetard, who’s a Miami newspaper writer and has a show on Espn called “Highly Questionable”,had his vote taken away last year because he gave it to fans to vote in his stead.One writer voted for Darin Erstad whose Major League career consisted of 913 runs scored,1,697 hits,124 homers and 699 rbi.By what criteria would anyone consider those Hall of Fame numbers.Aaron Boone,whose greatest moment was hitting the pennant clinching home run for the Yankees against the Red Sox in 2003 received two votes.Wait there’s more.A writer from Cleveland said he didn’t vote for Martinez because he thought he acted like a punk on the mound by throwing at batters and because in 1999 Martinez came into a playoff game against the Indians from the bullpen and proceeded to shut the Indians down and put the Red Sox into the ALCS against the Yankees.These are people who vote on the most prestigious award in Baseball.They should not be allowed to do that anymore.That’s my opinion.


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