My Opinion

The New York Knicks are currently 5-35  and  undoundoubtedly one of the worst teams in the NBA along with the Minnesota Timberwolves.They could be historically the worst in NBA annals if they don’t win at least 10 games this season.The current record of futility is held by the 1972 Philadelphia 76ers at 9-73.Everyone in the media is blaming team president Phil Jackson and while I do think he deserves much of the criticism,people who think he’s not fully invested and he’s just going to take the money (60 million for 5 yrs) and head back to L.A.I think is a lot of bull.First of all Phil Jackson is a proud man and he is not going to take on a challenge like this and then bail.Second he is a former Knicks player who was on both of their Championship teams in ’70 and ’73.He wants to see the Knicks become contenders again and I believe that he will accomplish that.I also don’t buy people saying that this rebuilding is going to take a long long time to complete.The Knicks have a good chance of ending up with the top pick in the draft and they also have plenty of money under the salary cap to get a very good player to go with Carmelo Anthony.What they will have to do is find good players who can fit the triangle offense they want to run.Whether those players are from college or from Europe,the scouts must do their jobs and find these players.It’s up to Jackson to evaluate the talent and he must make the right decisions.He has 11 championship rings as a coach and this is new territory for him actually running a team but he knows talent and it won’t be long before the Knicks are once again a title contender.That’s my opinion.


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