My Opinion

I don’t understand why the New England Patriots keep having the air of suspicion and accusations of cheating surrounding them.We’ve already had spygate and now we have what’s being called deflategate.If you don’t know by now,the Patriots are being accused of deflating their footballs in the AFC championship game against the Indianapolis Colts which they won 45-7.While most everyone believes the deflation of the balls had no effect on the outcome,the Patriots were clearly the better team,the idea of doing something like that to gain an advantage is unethical and unsportsmanlike to say the least.It’s been reported that 11 of the 12 footballs used in the game were deflated by a fairly significant amount.The referee checks the balls before the game and again at halftime.If the balls are not up to regulation the ref will inflate the balls to meet the standard.Obviously someone did something to the balls.The Patriots were guilty of videotaping other teams practices,spying if you will,hence the term spygate.They paid a very heavy fine and tainted their 3 Super Bowl victories.They haven’t won a Super Bowl since,having lost to the Giants twice,once when they were undefeated and staking a claim to being the greatest team ever.Many believe they need to win this Super Bowl to validate the other three.Now this is hanging over them like a dark cloud.The NFL is doing an investigation at this point and if it’s determined that the Patriots did deflate these balls,their legacy is going to be that of cheaters instead of champions.


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