My Opinion

Super Bowl XLIX between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks is shaping up to be a game that, outside of the two cities they represent,no one wants to see them win.You know by now all about deflategate, unless you have been to the moon recently,and the Seahawks Marshawn Lynch refuses to speak except to say “I’m here so I don’t get fined”and “you know why I’m here”.Patriots owner Robert Kraft has emphatically stated that unless the NFL can prove that his team deliberately deflated the footballs in the AFC championship game he wants an apology.Is he kidding? They were caught videotaping other teams practices which became known as spygate.Now the biggest game of the year is taking a back seat because his team is again involved in a possible cheating scandal.And all this talk about atmosphere deflating the balls,I want to know why the atmosphere didn’t deflate the Colts balls also.The Seahawks all-pro cornerback Richard Sherman said the Patriots won’t be punished because Commissioner Roger Goodell has a close friendship with Kraft.He and his other teammates have provided plenty of comments for the media.Lynch on the hand has been openly defiant and refused to speak except to issue his one liners.Yet he has done a commercial for Progressive Insurance with Espn anchor Kenny Mane.It’s been said he’s not comfortable talking to the media and answering questions but I don’t buy that.As far as I’m concerned Sunday can’t come fast enough so we can get this game over and forget about these teams.One of them will be crowned Super Bowl Champion.Unfortunately.That’s my opinion.


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