My Opinion

The Seattle Seahawks lost Super Bowl XLIX on the dumbest play call in history.That is the general consensus of people around the league and fans.A quick recap,the Seahawks had the ball at the 1yard line of the Patriots with about 25 seconds left in the game down by four points 28-24.They had just given the ball to Marshawn Lynch the play before from the 5 and he almost scored so it was second down.What happened next was the most astonishing play call in football history.Instead of giving the ball again to Lynch,they called a pass.Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson tried to throw a quick slant and got intercepted.Game over and the Patriots win.People were criticizing Bill Belichick for not calling a timeout with the clock running and the Seahawks looking they would definitely score,but I think he did the right thing because with the timeout Pete Carroll and his coaches would have had time to think and just might have changed the play and gave the ball to Lynch.Belichick decided to live or die with whatever happened and he came up roses.For the Seahawks this will haunt them and their fans for a long time.When you lose the championship on a play that most people felt never should have been run,there is no getting over it in spite of what Pete Carroll and the Seattle players may say.That play will be talked about forever as the dumbest play call ever made and the Seahawks will have to deal with it.That’s my opinion.


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