My Opinion

Kanye West and James Dolan.Two guys who need to take a long walk and not come back.First Mr.West,who likes to run up onstage at the Grammy Awards and interrupt and spoil the moment for whoever is receiving the award because they beat out his secret crush,Beyonce.A few years ago it was Taylor Swift and this year it was Beck,who won the Album of the year over Beyonce.Mr.West even had the balls to say that Beck should give his award to Beyonce.Is he kidding me? What?First of all,how dare he say that someone should relinquish their award that they no doubt earned in the eyes of the Academy.Second,would he give up one of his Grammys if someone said another artist was more deserving? The answer is Hell No.He only does it to people who won’t throw his butt offstage.I’d like to see him do that to someone like Rick Ross.Now Mr.Dolan.He received an e-mail from a fan,Irving Bierman,who basically told him he’s done a lousy job of running the Knicks.He said Mr.Dolan has made stupid decisions and should sell the team.Mr.Dolan responded with an e-mail calling Mr.Bierman a sad and miserable person.And to top it off he called him an alcoholic.You can’t make this stuff up.Dolan has never met Mr.Bierman,doesn’t know what he looks like,yet feels comfortable calling him an alcoholic.Then he finishes the e-mail by telling Mr.Bierman,who has been a Knicks fan since the ’50s,to go root for the rival Bklyn Nets because “the Knicks don’t want you”.This is just unbelievable.I’ve got news for Mr.Dolan and Mr.West.There are many people out that don’t want them either.That’s my opinion.


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