My Opinion

The media vultures are circling Alex Rodriguez and they’re just waiting for the opportunity to feed on his carcass.He literally wrote an apology to the fans acknowledging he used Ped’s and acted like a jackass defending himself.I can’t and won’t defend what he did but the idea that he should make himself available to the media so they can grill him like a steak is ridiculous.No one is going to believe anything he says anyway so why do it? The reason is that the media loathes Alex Rodriguez and wants to bring him down even further,as if that’s possible at this juncture.Rodriguez gave the federal government testimony into his Ped use and if he answered questions that differed from his testimony,he could wind up in jail.All he has left is his ability to play baseball and many people doubt if he can do that anymore.He’s been away for a year,is coming back from two hip surgeries,will be 40 years old and the Yankees don’t want him around.I’m not one of them.As a Yankees fan I hope he can hit and help them win,but I also hope he can prove all the so called “experts ” wrong.People want to see him fail so badly that he will have to retire and leave the game in disgrace.I’m really rooting for him to have a good season so he can make all the writers and talk radio gasbags who are so sure he can’t play anymore and want him to go away that he’s not going anywhere and he makes them all look like idiots.That’s my opinion.


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