My Opinion

February is traditionally the slowest month in the sports calendar.The football season is over,basketball and hockey still have alot of games left before the playoffs,college basketball’s tournament starts next month and baseball just started spring training.You know there is nothing happening when the NFL combine garnered big ratings.The biggest sports news at the moment is Alex Rodriguez reporting to Yankees camp after his one year suspension.Derek Rose,star point guard for the NBA Chicago Bulls,is injured yet again with a torn meniscus in his knee and will miss the rest of the season.It should remind all of us who follow sports just how easily a player’s career can be short lived.Great players like Gail Sayers,Sandy Koufax,and Bo Jackson all had great careers cut short due to injury.I was fortunate enough to see all of them play and a testament to their greatness was Sayers and Koufax being inducted into the Baseball and Football Hall of Fame,respectively,having played no more than six seasons.Jackson was a two sport marvel who dominated baseball and football until he injured his hip and just like that it was over.We who follow the teams and love the games should take this lull in the sports calendar to appreciate the athletes that play it because they could be here today and gone tomorrow.Enjoy them while they’re here.That’s my opinion.


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