My Opinion

If you haven’t seen the video of the Los Angeles Police Officer shooting a homeless man,you should.It is one of the most disturbing scenes I have seen in recent memory.There were at least 3 policemen who wrestled with this man and had him down on the ground.Although the homeless man continued to put up a fight,the police were in no danger because he was being pinned to the ground.Then suddenly six shots are fired (I counted them from the video) and you can hear people yelling that the homeless man is dead.Then you see a Black Policeman emerge to keep the angry crowd back and he’s being yelled at as the shooter.While the video doesn’t actually show the Black Officer shooting the victim,there is no doubt six shots were fired and the Officer is standing over the dead man.This was a senseless and blatant overreaction.They were in no danger,the man was on the ground.And why six shots? He emptied his gun into this mans body.It’s acts like this by policemen that turn the public against them.This wasn’t a White cop killing a black man,it was a Black cop.This is not a race killing like Missouri or the choking on Staten Island.What it is is a cop who did not want to deal with a man that was putting up a struggle and decided enough is enough and took the man’s life.If he’s not prosecuted for manslaughter then it means a policeman can shoot you six times if he has you on the ground and you pose no threat physically.Be careful.That’s my opinion.


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