My Opinion

Chris Borland,the 24 year old fast rising star linebacker of the San Francisco 49ers,has decided to retire from the NFL after only one season because of the concussion problem that has rocked football.While I have absolutely no problem with Borlands decision,I do have a problem with the idea that parents will now look to not let their kids play football.Look,for every Chris Borland out there,there are also a hundred or so players that would jump at the opportunity he just walked away from,to play professional football in the National Football League.The concussion problem is a serious one and I applaud the NFL for the steps it has taken to make the game safer.While I never played football in college or even high school I have suffered two concussions playing in pickup games.I have a scar on the side of my head from one and I had severe headaches after the second one.I thank God that today I don’t have any lingering symptoms but the scar is noticeable.I’m old enough to remember the days of the legendary Dick Butkus and SamHuff,when if you got banged in the head you just tried to shake it off and keep playing.If you didn’t you got the reputation of not being tough.My second concussion I was playing in a league that was called touch but was anything but.I was the quarterback and got hit from the blind side just as I threw the pass.My head hit the pavement and I knew I was hurt.I didn’t loose consciousness but my ears were ringing and my head was spinning.The opposing coach leaned into me and said, “you know the tough guys in the pros get up” so naturally I tried to get up but everyone was saying no don’t.The ambulance came and took me to the hospital.That was my last game but the league continued on.So while Chris Borland made the right decision for himself,the National Football League will continue to thrive because  players will keep coming to live their dream.That’s my opinion. 


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