My Opinion

The Dallas Cowboys have signed former Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy to a new contract.In case you didn’t know,Hardy was accused of domestic violence against his girlfriend,choking her and threatening to kill her.The charges have been dismissed because the victim failed to appear in court. He’s currently on the Commissioner’s exempt list and is waiting to see how long he will be suspended.People are going nuts saying Hardy should not be allowed to play and the Cowboys are being villified for signing him.Let’s understand something here.The only reason Hardy was signed is because he’s still a very good player.Two years ago he had 15 sacks for the Panthers which lead the team.The difference between him and Ray Rice is that Rice isn’t a very good player anymore.The Minnesota Vikings  want Adrian Peterson back because he’s still one of the best running backs in the league.As long as a player can still perform at a high level there will be a team out there ready to throw millions his way,public relations be damned.Jerry Jones,the Cowboys owner,doesn’t care what Hardy allegedly did,all he cares about is the ability Hardy has to rush the quarterback which his team had trouble doing last year.Even the fans of the team just care about how Hardy can help them win.So while the NFL  has a big problem of domestic violence to deal with,if a player is very good like Hardy,it doesn’t matter.That’s my opinion.


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