My Opinion

There is this idea around the country that the New York media is tough,opinionated and not afraid to criticize the local teams and the people who run them.Let me tell you that is a myth.In reality they’re a bunch of overractive bashers whose assessments are wrong more often than right.Now understand something here,there are some very good writers, columnists and talk show hosts that I read and listen to who have good and fair opinions.Its the ones who delight in bashing someone either because they don’t like them or they don’t know what’s going on.Phil Jackson has not done a good job as Knicks President so far.Many people,including me,thought the team could make the playoffs this year but instead they have the worst record in the NBA.The bashing of Jackson has been relentless by those who think he’s in it just for the money and will be gone back to L.A real soon.They don’t want to recognize that the Knicks will have a top draft choice this June and will have tons of money under the salary cap to add players.Jackson should be given time to get the right players.Alex Rodriguez is another one the mythical ones delight in bashing because of his PED use and steadfast denial of doing it.I’ve said in a previous blog about Rodriguez that I can’t and won’t defend what he did.But he’s paid the price being suspended all of last season.The bashers had their feelings hurt and felt betrayed like a jilted lover and need to get over it like the fans who gave Rodriguez a loud ovation on opening day.It was said he’d never play again,that he wouldn’t make the team,that he would break down and not make it to opening day.The bashers are batting a thousand, they’ve been wrong on all counts.Tough no,petty absolutely.That’s my opinion.


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